Target groups


Who could benefit from such an investment?

Our recycling system is of interest to all persons working on the treatment of organic waste such as farmers, organic recycling plants workers, communities, cities, etc. With its own pyrolysis plant, the recycling system can be optimized, and at the same time the end products (vegetable coal, crude oil) can be directly marketed.

Agriculture / gardens and farmyards

The pyrolysis technology can be a holistic benefit, for farmers or agricultural associations. With our plant, the farmer not only can produce energy for his own use, but he can also take advantage of his local wasted wood (often in cooperation with local foresters) as a raw material for the pyrolysis and distribute the resulting plant coal back into his own field. The latter allows a rapid increase in the local humus layer in the ground which can allow an increased number of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. These are fed with dung / compost, so that the nutrients are available to the plants. It would, therefore, no longer be a necessity for addition of synthetic fertilizers. At the same time, Pyrolysis promotes local biodiversity, and represents the coverage of a niche in agriculture with many benefits for the “ecosystem”. For instance, it makes possible the prevention / reduction of the use of pesticides on agricultural land. This, in turn, allows a yield increase depending on the health and stability of the soil. It represents, therefore, a tool to mitigate climate change.

Healthy soil produces healthy food, and thus pyrolysis not only helps us, but also it helps the whole ecosystem to live healthy.

Cities and communes

Not only individuals, but also entire communities and cities can benefit from a pyrolysis plant while reducing their own carbon footprint.

Because the biochar, which can be added to the soil, contains the CO2, which is permanently integrated into the coal. The methane gas, which normally rises directly from the compost to the atmosphere, is separated in the pyrolysis process and burned to finally used as thermal / electrical energy.