Sustainable self-sufficient steering of a farm

What is a “Sustainable self-sufficient Farm”

A SSF is already the long-term goal of various labels, e.g. Bio Suisse and Demeter. Today the energy used for the production of food, with conventional means, is much larger than the output of the produced food. That is, much more energy is invested (input) than we extracted (output) from foods. This, in part, is due to the fossil fuels used for food production and is not self-sustainable. In the old system, humans, animals and plants compete with each other for the same resources.

A SSF produces its own energy and raw materials. It uses nature and its potential for renewable energies. The seeds, the fertilizer, the plant protection products are products from the pyrolysis. The environment, the understanding of it and the connections of nature determine the agenda of a NAH. He follows the laws of nature. The ultimate goal of a NAH is not the quantity, but the quality. A system in which humans, animals and plants live together in symbiosis.