Our philosophy

Nowadays the main part of our vegetables and fruits is produced conventionally and industrially. This led to the intensification of the soil treatment; That implies, the regular use of pesticides a large scale, the use of ever-increasing and heavy agricultural machinery, and, unfortunately, the spread of acid compost. These increasing changes in agriculture have become a massive decrease in soil fertility, which is now also perceived by Swiss farmers. Furthermore, all farmers (both organic and conventional) are struggling with the changing climate, which challenges the agricultural activities even further and pushes for a fundamental change of attitude.

Even in spite of the extreme composting pleasure of the Swiss women, extremely much plastic and wood (composting the compost) lands in the compost. This makes it difficult for the farmers to distribute this kind of compost on their fields with a clear conscience. We ask ourselves the following questions:

  • How do we get out of this dead end?
  • How can we protect our national agricultural soil?
  • How can we adapt our techniques to the new challenges?
  • How will be the agriculture in the future?

Our approach is based on the Pyrolysis GmbH. For us it is important to make the Swiss soils, as well as the world’s soils, “healthy”, that is to say, bring the natural productive state closer. This is important for us human beings, especially considering that we humans produce many tons of valuable organic waste per year. This waste rarely lands on the field as a compost. We want to counter this problem with our pyrolysis technology. Thanks to this holistic recycling system, we are able to convert organic waste into valuable end products such as vegetable coke, crude oil and natural gas. We use these on our own agricultural land, and in addition we also have activities in cooperation with local businesses.

As a result, these end products not only benefit people, but we can also give soil (and thus agriculture) a gift and produce Terra Preta!

Through our initial successes we have now realized that this recycling system is not only to be withheld, but we want to use this proven technology with all parts that are committed to the protection and re-evaluation of our environment.