Our logo – La Chakana


When we started our company, we invested a great deal of thought about finding an appropriate “logo” of the new firm. Finally we decided, “La Chakana” – the Andean Cross from the home of pyrolysis. On the basis of our many discussions about with this century-old symbol, we knew at once that we want to carry the pyrolysis GmbH with this logo into the world. Below are the main reasons to choose Chakana as a Logo:

– The first pyrolysis technology was invented by the Incas in Peru, and helped them to produce the so-called Terra Preta. Visits of the founders of Pyrolysis GmbH to the Inca city of Machu Picchu as well as in the jungle of Peru / Brazil have revealed the long-lasting, self-sustaining power of the Terra Preta. This first-hand experience immediately convinced by this ancient technology.

– The interpretation of the Chakana, which is attributed to different levels of the present, as well as still to come or past life, also corresponds to the philosophy of the Pyrolysis GmbH with regard to the handling of our resources, above all agricultural soils, food production and Water. Furthermore, due to our work experience in agriculture, we can only confirm that there can be no food production “against” nature, but only “going with it”. Nature is at the center of the action.

– The three skills that are assigned to the Chakana (love, know / learn, work) are the principles which not only have enabled our own company, but also basic principles which every human being possesses…

La Chakana

The symbol comes from the mythology of the Incas. It is a cross, whose surfaces or steps each stand for a world and whose hole in the center represents the city of Cuzco (in the world image of the Incas was Cusco the “navel of the world”).

The word stem Chaka means “bridge” in Qechua, Chakana is best translated as “act as a bridge.” Possibly it means that someone or something acts as a bridge between heaven and earth, like the rainbow or the Milky Way. Other interpretations suggest that the point is in the middle of the Chakana for the Mother Earth, which is held to the left of the rainbow (as a symbol of the Amaru of the day) and to the right of the Milky Way (as the symbol of the Amaru of the Night).

The three levels of Chakana, in a transcendent sense, designate the three planes of this world:
– Upper World / Heaven = Hanaq Pacha
– Middle World / Earth = Kay Pacha
– Lower World / World of the Dead = Uju Pacha

The steps of the Chakana are, among other things, also a symbol for the abilities that characterize man:
– Munay = The ability to love
– Yankay / LLankay = The ability to work or to take action
– Yachay = The ability to think / know or to achieve wisdom.

This is only a very brief and not exhaustive description of the Chakana.

(Source: https://es.scribd.com/doc/29721656/Das-Kreuz-Der-Anden2010)